L Monarch's Abby

Date of Picture: 1-9-07 and 3-10-07
D.O.B.  2-18-86
Tip to Tip- 60 3/8"        Total - 66"
Monarch 103 x 3S Lady Red
We lost "Granny" in October of 2009.  Due to her pedigree, impressive corkscrew horns and her numerous outstanding calves scattered across the country we feel that Abby is a prime candidate for the newly emerging technology of cloning.  We have collected a cell line on "Granny" and we plan to eventually bring her genetic influence back through a clone.  We have no intentions of making multiple copies of "Granny" at this time.  We feel that one clone will allow her to continue to have a positive influence on the breed without adversely affecting the gene pool.    Like all new technology cloning is still improving with every cloned animal born.  While we don't feel that all animals should be cloned we do feel that cloning is a viable way to preserve genetics and improve the breed as a whole.  We welcome any questions about "Granny" or the cloning process.  We invite you to view a couple of "Granny's" calves L Cowboy's Abby and Legacy JP

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